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Life Coaching 

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What is Life Coaching?

While there are some similarities between counseling and life coaching, coaching  is not counseling, and is not a substitute for it. Counseling is offered by licensed therapists for mental health and emotional well-being. A life coach is a non-healthcare professional who helps clients with personal and professional development and goal setting. A life coach will assess client strengths and habits and create a plan to forge a path  for a client to achieve long-term or short-term goals.  A life coach works in partnership with a client to implement the plan, provides guidance and training in some cases, or provides a list of appropriate resources necessary for success. A life coach may also be confused with a mentor because the relationships between coach and client are similar, but coaching differs from mentoring by focusing on specific objectives, as opposed to more general development.

Is Life Coaching Right for You?

It's exciting to start a new journey toward personal development and goal setting. Working with a life coach can help you identify the tools to achieve your goals or break out of ruts.


A life coach offers feedback that helps you identify troubled areas to gain insight for new endeavors. When you work with Elizabeth she will also be your encourager, helping you see the best parts of yourself and identify the traits that may hold you back, and those that could help you become more effective.

To determine if life coaching is right for you today, please take the short quiz below!

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