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A Tale of Two Cups

I have a habit of collecting things that remind me what God has spoken into my life. By incorporating these into my daily life I am reminded of areas in which God wants me to double-down.

Recently I went on a little getaway with my running/hiking friends. While visiting a boutique, I found a witty mug that reminded me of my habitual need to have coffee before starting my day - it’s part of my quiet time. Friends, although my eyes open at 5:30 a.m. my brain, at 54, just doesn’t fire in the morning the way it used to. I need my coffee!

As my friends and I continued to browse the boutique merchandise, I saw a second mug adorned with a beautiful heart that split across the handle area. I held the firs in my hand, wanting to purchase it, but feeling drawn to the other because when I was going through my divorce the Lord routinely whispered, “Keep an open and pure heart.”

God cleaned up a mess of bitterness from my heart 21 years earlier when He set me free from the bondage of childhood trauma and hatred toward my mother. He was not going to allow my divorce to take me back to the jail He freed me from, so being the wise and loving Father He is, He alerted me that the divorce provided a front the enemy could attack - and I was to STAY ALERT and “Keep an open and pure heart! His Spirit helped me greatly!

Back to the mug bearing the beautiful heart... As I picked up the mug, I struggled to decide which to buy. My heart is in pretty good shape right now. Did I need another reminder? Hmmmm... I compared the two, and asked my friends which they liked; both they answered. I pondered buying both, but that seemed wholly ridiculous to the three of us. It wasn’t a cost thing - I just felt like I should make a choice.

Friends in times like this I have learned that God is teaching me to look at the fine print where I always read; “Your will or God’s will - it’s your choice. He will not wrestle the decision from your hand.” I consulted my friends again. God has taught me to choose friends based on character and spiritual maturity. I can trust my friends even in matters that seem trivial. They asked, which one was more “right for me?” I explained, that the heart mug represented the part of me I value most, they agreed. The decision was made in that moment. I paid for the lovely heart mug, and thought no more of the witty mug.

I have used my heart mug every morning since I purchased it. It not only reminds me that God has commanded me to keep an open and pure heart, but that He is out front of the issues that will interfere with my ability to follow His word for my life.

Yesterday, one of the friends visited me after another trip. She had something to deliver; the second mug. Her love and generosity made me smile from somewhere deep because God used her. He rewards obedience in the sweetest ways. He wasn’t taking away my delight in finding something that was “so me”. He was giving me a chance to experience the blessing that comes from choosing Him first - that’s “so Him!” I will use the heart mug for my quiet time each morning, and the witty mug for drinks as I’m doing the “things” I must do for work.

Last night as I wrapped up my day in prayer, God’s still small voice reminded me that sometimes “no” is an invitation to choose Him over my own desires. It is as important that I practice this in matters that seem trivial, as it is in those of great significance. When I do both I grow in my purpose and gifting, and God not only rewards my efforts with a deeper connection to Him, He provides the gift of a victory!

This time that gift was doubled, my witty mug and “A Tale of Two Cups!”

May you see God bless your obedience!💗

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